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You have eight premolars in your mouth. They are located between your front teeth, which are responsible for biting off most foods, and the molars in the back of your mouth that handle the work of grinding tough foods. Your premolars work in concert with both sets of teeth to handle the double duty of biting, chewing and grinding.

When a cavity formed on one of these teeth, it can cause heightened sensitivity, and limit your efficiency at processing food before chewing.

With early detection, the dentists at Preferred Dental Care’s Los Alamitos, California clinic might be able to repair tooth decay on a premolar with an amalgam filling. This is a special blend of inert dental metals that are known for their durability.

Your dentist might need to prepare the surface by using a drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. Then they will prepare the amalgam filling material. With some minor shaping and adjustments, the filling material will blend perfectly with the shape of the premolar.

Once the filling has been cured with a special ultraviolet light, the newly repaired premolar will serve you for many years to come.

If you live in the Los Alamitos, California area and you have a cavity on a premolar you should call 562-431-1349 to have it examined and repaired at Preferred Dental Care’s dental clinic.