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Dental crowns are commonly used to replace the tooth enamel layer of a tooth that has been significantly compromised. They are often created in state of the art dental labs from very durable dental materials. Once it has been cemented onto its anchoring abutments with a strong dental adhesive it will replicate the original function of the natural tooth.

While dental crown materials are known to be very strong there are still things that could potentially chip or fracture one. This could come from a hard blow to the face during sports, or an accidental fall around the household. A similar threat could be posed by nervously nibbling on desktop items or frequently or using your teeth to open packaging.

If any part of your dental crown is chipped, fractured, or feels loose, you should not delay seeking treatment from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Gipe.

If the dental crown was chipped and the abutment is still healthy, Dr. Gipe might be able to start the process of creating a new dental crown. If the abutment was compromised in some way Dr. Gipe might need to perform a root canal to restore enough dental structure to anchor a new dental crown.

In some extreme cases the root of the abutment might also have been compromised. This might require Dr. Gipe to extract whatever remains of it, to start the process of eventually restoring the tooth with a new dental bridge.

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