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Patients who have a bad habit of skipping their routine dental checkups are at increased risk of suffering from gum disease and serious cavities. When tooth decay does affect a tooth the bacterial presence can gradually extend beyond the tooth enamel to invade the sensitive core and root of the tooth.

This can lead to a gradually worsening toothache and a potentially dangerous abscess in the underlying gums. In some of these cases a dentist like Dr. [doctor _name] can treat the tooth with endodontic therapy. However, a severe case might require a total extraction to prevent worsening complications.

This treatment plan will likely call for a course of prescription antibiotics and pain medication.

When you are ready to restore the tooth he can prepare the neighboring teeth to receive a dental bridge. This piece of dental work is essentially an artificial tooth that has been to open crowns on each end. It will eventually be secured onto abutments created from the two teeth neighboring the void.  

It will need to be created in a dental lab before Dr. Chris A. Gipe can cement dental bridge onto abutments.

In the future you will need to remember to brush all of your natural teeth and the dental bridge twice each day. This should also be followed up by flossing between your teeth, the dental bridge, and along the gumline.

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