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The teeth that appear when you smile play an important role in your sense of self-image. Discolored tooth enamel, noticeable physical defects and other cosmetic imperfections can cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Many people in the [city], [state], area with unappealing teeth will turn to a dentist like Dr. [doctor_name] to explore their cosmetic dentistry options. After a professional examination to assess the nature of the cosmetic defects [heshe] will present you with an effective treatment plan.

Discolored teeth and severe dental stains can sometimes be addressed by having [himher] administer a dental bleaching treatment. However, this treatment plan will not address any noticeable physical defects with your teeth.

In a case like this Dr. [doctor_name] might recommend fitting the faces of your teeth with dental veneers. These thin shells, made from a special type of dental grade porcelain or composite resin. They mimic the appearance of white tooth enamel.

If a tooth suffers from a significant physical defect such as an existing dental filling, an active area of tooth decay or fractured tooth enamel [heshe] might recommend restoring it with a porcelain dental crown.

If you live in the [city], [state], area and you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you should call [phone] to explore the cosmetic dentistry methods offered by [practice_name].