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With all the distractions bombarding your teenager, their dental health can easily get lost in the mix. However, with all the new pressures and risks that come with a teenage lifestyle, their oral health care is as critical as ever.

Some of the biggest risks to a teen’s smile come from the temptations that will spring up. Talk to your teen about peer pressure. Warn your teen about drugs, smoking and chewing tobacco, and wearing mouth jewelry. Unhealthy habits can ruin your teen’s teeth before they even get a chance to truly serve them well in your life.

Another potential danger to a teenager’s smile is contact sports. Contact sports can easily lead to accidents and injuries that can chip, crack or even knock out a person’s teeth. When participating in contact sports, make sure your teenager uses the correct safety equipment to ensure their teeth and mouth are not injured.

If you notice signs of dental damage in your teen, contact our office. Preferred Dental Care remains committed to your teen’s oral health, and you are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 562-431-1349. Vist our office in Los Alamitos, California, and our dentist, Dr. Chris A. Gipe and the team will give your teen the treatment he or she needs.