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Dental fillings come loose and fall out sometimes, so what do you do when that happens? First, set up a visit with our dentists, as they can get you a replacement, and we recommend you do it soon to protect your tooth. There are also some things you can do while you wait for your appointment to protect the tooth and ease discomfort.

For easing discomfort in that tooth, you can try applying a drop or two of clove oil to the cavity using a cotton swab. If you are unsure where to find clove oil, you have a good chance of finding it at a drugstore or supermarket.

After that, for the actual protection of your tooth from bacteria, you can put a bit of dental cement over the cavity. Dental cement can also be used to adhere a crown that was put over a filling, just remember you clean the crown up before you put it back in your mouth. To find some dental cement, you can try a pharmacy. We staunchly caution you against using glues you may have around the house, as they can be toxic.

Food getting inside the now-exposed cavity can also draw in bacteria to cause more damage, so here is what you can do to keep food out. You can keep food at a slight distance while you eat by chewing on the other side of your mouth, which will also avert some discomfort. As you brush and floss, be gentle when you reach the formally filled-out tooth to keep yourself at ease, but do try to remove any leftover food to prevent bigger problems. When rinsing, you can use warm salt water for a little added comfort to the tooth.

If you need to replace a filling, please do not hesitate to call Preferred Dental Care with 562-431-1349. Drs. Gipe and Lokot, our dentists, can give you a new filling so you can keep that tooth protected and carry on with life. Our office is located in Los Alamitos, California.