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Do you have unsightly stains on your teeth that are making you shy to smile? Unfortunately, it is true that your pearly whites are susceptible to discoloration and staining from the foods you eat and drink. You can pretty much guarantee that if a food or drink can stain your clothing, it can also do the same to tooth enamel.

If your daily cup of coffee or cranberry juice with breakfast is staining your smile, there is help! The best thing is, you don’t have to give them up to enjoy whiter teeth. There are some protective measures you can take to limit staining your teeth. Dr.Chris A. Gipe and our team in Los Alamitos, California is pleased to share the following tips to help you keep a bright smile:

How to Prevent Tooth Discoloration

#1- The first protective measure you can take is to clean your teeth after eating or drinking staining foods. Take a moment to brush and floss to remove staining agents. Using an antibacterial mouthwash can also help prevent plaque from forming on your pearly whites which can make them susceptible to sticking stains.

#2- The next step to take is to use a straw for those beverages that routinely stain the teeth. This works for fruit juices or soda, iced lattes or your favorite tea. Drinking through a straw will help keep the staining agents from discoloring the visible areas of your smile.

#3- What about tobacco? If you regularly chew tobacco or smoke it, your teeth will pay the price. Tobacco is notorious for staining teeth. Not only does it affect your body’s health but it also affects the look and health of your smile. This is the one tooth staining habit we encourage giving up!

#4- Keeping regularly scheduled dental cleanings will go a long way to keeping your smile vibrant. These visits allow us to assist you in maintaining healthy, beautiful teeth by removing hardened plaque which stains can adhere to.

You don’t have to give up blueberries for dessert or beets with your lunch, or even tomato sauce or wine with dinner. You can enjoy your favorite foods and beverages and still protect your pearly whites.

Our Preferred Dental Care team in Los Alamitos, California is here to help you keep your smile healthy and vibrant. If aging has made your teeth less bright due to thinning tooth enamel and the underlying darker dentin shows through, we can lighten your smile with our tooth whitening treatment.

If you would like to know more about avoiding tooth stains or would like to schedule a tooth whitening treatment with our team, we invite you to call us at 562-431-1349 today.