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Chris A. Gipe, DDS and Associates

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I loved this place! Dr. Gipe is amazing and Ginger is the best dental hygienist around.
-Gene C.

I was going to the same dentist for 26 years, the office that did my braces and have done all my cleanings and fillings my whole life, so you can imagine I was really hesitant to go somewhere else. However the dentist stopped carrying Guardian insurance so we couldn’t pay anymore because it would be too much money.

A friend of ours said she had been going to this dentist for 15 years, he’s super gentle, everyone there is very nice and he’s in network you guys should check him out. About a year later, I finally went in today for a cleaning. I’ve had braces on for the better part of 9 months so I need a cleaning about every 3 or 4 months. I tend to stretch it out to 4 because I don’t have insurance anymore. But it’s actually not as bad as you think, the cleaning I paid for out of pocket was a $115, the copay with insurance for my family doctor was $145, just for the copay.

But it was pretty great. I was actually surprised how easy it is to get there. It took us 10 minutes to get there and we live in Westminster, you would think 15 or 20. It’s a nice little area of Los Alamitos and has great parking. The office is straight to the right and it’s a nice little office. It was busy there but it seems they know how to make a nice flow of patients so you’re not waiting a long time. We showed up 15 minutes early and we got out of there at 10:00, so the appointment was really short.

It was kind of amazing it didn’t run long because my hygienist, Ginger, did a fantastic job and took the time to explain everything to me as well. I could have sworn an hour and a half. Not because time was going forever just because everyone explained everything. And I have braces on as well so they’re maneuvering around all that and it took so long to floss as well. For those that don’t know flossing with braces is a feet in itself lol.

You first go in there and fill out a couple forms, no biggie. Then I went in to the hygienist first door almost straight in. We got a long splendidly. We talked about what was going on and what I wanted done and she did her thing and you can tell she had a light of touch. She checked for a cavity in a sensitive area I had and couldn’t find anything so we did the cleaning. She’s telling jokes and it just had that nice office homely feel that you want. She picked around a lot at first in my teeth to get rid of tarter build up, probably one of the longest parts. She gave advice on how to avoid it a little more or where to brush.

She said something I may have forgotten and hadn’t heard in a while or just never was told but she was saying you get build up in your front teeth almost no matter what even the most avid flossers she’s seen will still get some build up. Of course I had a lot there because it’s hard to floss but she said I was doing a good job for just being able to brush. I’m getting all the right areas except the far back left tooth. But she said it might not actually be my fault it might be that I need a smaller toothbrush and she showed me the difference between them and it’s a lot when you get them up side by side. And she was saying that the smaller toothbrush is kind able to get in that crevice and really brush it.

She also did the most water and suction that I’ve seen a hygienist do. Which was great because she was explaining that it helps her see any build up that was left over so she always does it a lot.

-Brian A.

Dr Gipe and his team are amazing. Always have such great customer service. I always feel welcomed and cared for, which is a fantastic feeling when having to go to the dentist.

-Cathy H.

First off, I have had to get a lot of dental work done in my life, and Dr. Gipe is by far my favorite dentist I’ve been too. I’ve been a patient for 15 years now, and it’s because I feel comfortable here. He always goes the extra mile to make me comfortable during my appointments, even as far as placing an extra pillow under my neck. The office is always clean and friendly. And I might add, I have dental insurance for other types of dentists, but I would rather pay and come to him and have the comfort and professionalism of Dr. Gipe’s staff.

-Donette O.

My husband has been trying to get me to switch to Dr Gipe for years, and I finally gave in, now I wish I had switched years ago!!
He and his staff are very professional and friendly and the office very clean. I love the fact that he took me in immediately when I had an abscess, in screaming, mind-blowing pain, and right to the back and numbed me up before we chatted about treatment options. He arranged for me to see the maxillofacial surgeon Dr Lee immediately that day.
I understand that seeing a dentist might not be a positive experience for some folks, but Dr Gipe is as good as it gets!!

-Terri H.

He is the kind of dentist that does NOT try to get you to have a bunch of dental work just to pad the bill. I’m not sure if anyone has ever experienced that kind of dentist. I have. It’s not cool. Chris is a great dentist and he is very fair and reasonable. And, I love my hygienist. She’s awesome. Need a dents? make an appointment with Chris Gipe.

-Lisa D.

Dr. Gipe is a wonderful and honest dentist who does wonders for teeth! He works with what you want to come up with the best plan for your teeth and smile. The staff is great and accommodating too! Don’t waste your time looking for another dentist go see Dr. Gipe!!

-Ariana C.

Highly recommend this dentist! Dr Gipe is amazing and all of the staff is as well. They are always kind and genuinely want you to feel comfortable while you’re there and know how you are. Compared to other dentists I’ve had my teeth feel cleaner, more taken care of and the whitening treatments he does give amazing results.

-Christina G.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Gipe and everyone else in his practice. Every single one of them is caring, fun, professional, and they go the extra mile to accommodate my whole family – including our 88 year old mom. They always do whatever they can to get her in on very short notice. We love Dr Gipe! Oh and the hygienists are all really really efficient, and gentle, too!

-Ingrid L.


Dr. Gipe is not only personable, professional, kind, funny, and an excellent dentist, he has a huge heart. He donated his valuable time to help a dear friend of mine with his major dental work, AND he donated money towards my friend’s lab fees as well! You’re the best!

-Cindy D.

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