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When you are sitting in Dr. Chris A. Gipe’s dental chair with a decayed tooth, it’s important to select the right treatment for your smile. Our dentist believes you should be included in the decision process, so it’s best to know all there is to know about your options. Fortunately, there are many dental filling treatments available, but the most common treatments are amalgam and composite resin fillings.

When it comes to the safety of each dental filling, our dental team knows each filling is safe for your smile and entire health, otherwise we would not offer them. However, we understand that there are rumors about the safety of amalgam fillings. So, it’s best to decide for yourself which treatment is right for you by doing your research. You can do so by talking to your dentist or researching dental fillings online. Now, be careful while looking online. The Internet can publish false information, so make sure you look at accredited sites, like the American Dental Association site.

When it comes to the details and differences between the two restorations, they are both unique and beneficial. Amalgam fillings are strong restorations that are made of a variety of metals. This makes them very strong but also a grey color. These fillings are best for teeth that are not visible in the smile and for teeth that have to handle a lot of pressure from chewing. Composite resin fillings are shaded to match the color of your teeth, are a little more fragile, and are more expensive. These fillings are best for teeth that are visible in the smile and for teeth that don’t have to handle a lot of pressure.

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