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Did you know that the foods you eat can also help play a role in keeping your mouth healthy in similar ways to what brushing and flossing can? Although there are no substitutes to brushing and flossing for your oral health care, the foods you eat also play a vital role in keeping your smile shining brightly. Strengthen your tooth enamel with healthy foods such as those with high water content and those with minerals capable of rebuilding your enamel.

Foods with high water content have been shown to strengthen tooth enamel because they can help wash away residue and bacteria that can damage your teeth. They also help to wash away the harmful acids responsible for eating through tooth enamel. If these acids are left unchecked, tooth decay and gum disease can result. Crunchy foods such as apples or pears are high in water content and can help keep your mouth clean.

Other foods can go beyond just washing away harmful debris and actually help to rebuild tooth enamel that may be damaged or weak. Foods with minerals such as calcium and phosphorous have been clinically shown to strengthen and re-mineralize tooth enamel. Foods with these high mineral contents include nuts, milk, chicken, and cheese.

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