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Have you ever been told that you should brush and floss your teeth every day? Did you know that you should visit our dentist twice a year? Still, do you ever forget to do these simple things or feel like you don’t have time to visit your dentist? Would you be surprised to learn that forgetting or neglecting these important steps could actually lead to serious problems?

For instance, you might know that brushing and flossing your teeth are important if you want to avoid tooth decay. However, did you know that not brushing or flossing can wear down the outer layer of your teeth, known as enamel? Sadly, once this layer is gone, it can’t be replaced. If decay affects your teeth, you’ll be more vulnerable to cavities and to gum disease.

Furthermore, when you visit our team, we’ll be able to remove surface stains. If these stains aren’t removed, your teeth could become stained permanently, especially if you enjoy red wine, tea, or coffee.

To make matters worse, if you don’t care for your teeth well, your overall health could also suffer. You see, if you have gum disease, it can spread through your bloodstream. Sadly, this could ultimately lead to heart disease, respiratory infections, and even complications with diabetes.

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