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To help live a better lifestyle, always make sure you are avoiding unhealthy oral health choices that can contribute to cavities. When plaque and food materials in your mouth begin to collect, acids can form that will slowly eat through your tooth enamel. Once a hole in your tooth enamel has formed, a cavity will be present. Thus, in order to effectively prevent cavities, you will need to make sure that particles and other materials cannot eat through your tooth enamel.

Through a healthy and active lifestyle that avoids unhealthy sweets and treats, you can lower your risk for cavities. This is because there are several products in your diet, including sugars and starches, which can be converted into acids in your mouth that will slowly eat through your tooth enamel. Similarly, any products that are already naturally highly acidic, including sports drinks and fruit juice, should be avoided or consumed as part of large meals to help neutralize the effects. Furthermore, to help prevent cavities, make sure you were practicing an effective oral hygiene plan

It’s important to add in brushing and flossing techniques into your oral hygiene routine. These two skills are essential for optimum oral health as they continually work to wash away any debris and buildup in your mouth. Through the use of brushing twice daily and flossing once a day, you can help keep your mouth clean and free of debris and bacteria. For additional help, visit your dentist for professional cleanings every six months

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