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You deserve a strong and healthy smile. Unfortunately, there are many dental enemies in the world that can harm your teeth and gums and alter your oral health. This makes it tough to achieve your smile health goals. These dental enemies are plaque and acid, and our dentist, Dr. Chris A. Gipe, is happy to share some information about them so you can work on keeping them at bay.

There are two types of plaque: Plaque that causes cavities and plaque that causes gum disease. The plaque that causes cavities uses the sugar and carbohydrates you eat and drink to create acid. That acid attacks the tooth enamel and creates holes (cavities) in the surface. The plaque that causes gum disease turns into a toxic substance called tartar. Tartar is very dangerous because it irritates the gums, creates pockets of infection, and deteriorates the underlying bone.

You need to keep plaque at bay by keeping up on oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly. If possible, have a healthy and balanced diet.

Acid is another dangerous substance that comes from the acidic foods and drinks you consume. It attacks and wears down the tooth enamel. When the tooth enamel is affected this way, it is vulnerable to tooth decay and injury, like tooth chips and breaks.

It’s best to avoid this enemy by limiting your consumption of acidic products.

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