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What not to eat on Valentine’s Day is a question often posed for individuals who look to maintain a certain diet when holidays come to town. Your oral health is just as important as healthy eating is, so treat your teeth and gums with the same love and affection you would give to a significant other. Love’s holiday is on its way, so beware the added risks of tooth decay. Keep up the amazing work for your ideal smile makeover. Avoid these treats for a healthy Valentine’s Day smile:

– Avoid highly acidic treats such as sour sweets. The acidity in some sour sweets is nearly that of car battery acid!
– If you wish to indulge this year, chocolate is a better choice than most options, as it is much easier to clean off your mouth than sticky, chewy, or hard candies.
– Exercise caution when consuming any hard snacks that can easily crack or chip teeth.
– Sticky candies such as caramels, taffies, and gummies stick to your teeth and gums and can be difficult to remove. Also, be mindful of treats that can get dislodged between your teeth. Floss daily to remove food particles that brushing cannot reach.

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